Contracting Opportunity

If you are interested in completing PASRR evaluations in your community please contact our local office for more information.
You must be a licensed RN, LPC, LCSW, or LPN


What is PASRR?

A PASRR, or Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review, is a federally mandated process to determine if an individual meets nursing facility level of care; has a mental illness or developmental disability/intellectual disability diagnosis; and to see if the client needs specialized services to treat their mental health or developmental issues and reduce behavioral symptoms that necessitated admission to a nursing facility.

Why do we complete a PASRR on clients entering into a nursing facility?

The PASRR procedure was established to protect the civil rights of individuals with mental illness, intellectual disability, or a developmental disability being considered for nursing facility admission. PASRR ensures that the client is being placed in the least restrictive environment and that the client's service needs are adequately met.